Sunday, April 22, 2012

Trip to his parents, trip OTK

Anna stomped her feet solidly on the hardwood floor, making the table rumble in fear.
"I am NOT going to your parents house! It's my one Friday off from the hospital and I've been looking forward to watching 'BrideDay' on TLC all damn week!"
she rolled her eyes and plopped her Coach bag onto the chair, flinging her sunglasses off with a huff.Anna had wedding fever ever since her closest friend had gotten married last spring. She had huffed and puffed at the reception when Tim refused to buy her a drink. They shared the same birthday a week prior to the wedding, she turned 20, he 30.
"That is quite enough Anna! We haven't seen my folks in a while and they are expecting us." Tim rinsed the last plate from their breakfast and set it into it's place in the dishwasher. He made his way around the kitchen counter and cupped her soft face in his hands.
"You ARE going, you can record your shows and watch them later, but I expect you to be on your best behaviour at my parents', do you understand me?"
Anna looked at Tim, her big, soft, brown eyes melting into his heart.
"Yes sir I understand."
Tim smirked and planted a quick kiss on her forhead.
"Great, then it shall be a fun day! Go on and get yourself ready, we are heading out in an hour." he swatted her bottom playfully and with that she was off.

They arrived shortly after 2 and after an hour of cocktails and cubed cheeses on crackers, Anna began to feel the brat surface from a tucked away place. She sat on the porch and sipped her wine, checking the time on her IPhone every other minute. She twisted the light fabric of her sundress and brushed her silky, curled hair off her shoulders.
"Anna my mom needs some help in the kitchen, mind givng her a hand?" Tim stepped out on to the porch, beer in hand.
"Yeah I'll be there in a minute honey." He kissed her hair and made his way back inside,she smiled devilshly and headed for the beach down the hill.The last thing she needed was his mother breathing down her neck about every aspect of their private life. An hour of peace, quite and the ocean was just what she needed. She took a seat on a wooden lawn chair sprawled at the coast line, she dunked her feet in the chilled ocean water, letting her pedicured toes bury beneath the rich pebbles. The waves curled and crashed, which left Anna with heavy eyelids, drooping with every roll and flattening of the tides.
It was nearly dusk when Anna flung up from her chair.

"Shit! Shit! Shit!" She snatched up her heels and ran towards the sloped, grassy hill that seperated his parents backyard from the beach. Before she reached the top, she spotted him, making his way towards her. Anna froze, her bottom tingled and her stomach twisted in knots. He was getting closer by the second, his hands balled into fists, he wore a stern face that would send even the toughest of men running for cover.
"Timmy, I, I, I...."
Tim didn't say a word, he grabbed her arm and dragged her back down the hill towards the row of lawn chairs.
"Noooo, Timmy please not here! It was an accident! I fell asleep I didn't mean to!"
He plopped himself down on the hard wooden chair and draped her petite body over his knees in a blink of an eye.He raised his arm above his head and began raining down a flurry of stinging smacks to his girls plump bottom.
"You had me worried sick!" *SMACK SMACK SMACK!*
Anna yelped and cried out, flinging her legs as Tim's hand covered every inch of her cheeky backside.
"Running off when I told you to do something!" *SMACK SMACK SMACK!*
"Ahheeee owwieee Timmmmmyyy I'mmm so-so-sorrryyy"
Tim lifted her dress to find her small bottom a deep pink.He circled his arm around her waist and took a moment to appreciate the view of her soft, creamy ass. Her blue lace panties were snug, leaving two perfectly plump cheeks exposed.
He rasied his hand higher then before and brung it down solidly on her tender thighs. Making her cry out.
"I tried to be lenient,tried to be fair but you walked all over that! " Tim hooked his fingers under the waist band of her panties and started to drag them down.Anna flung back a hand and clutched the side of her undies.
"NOOOOOAAA! I learned! I'm so-so-sorrrrreeee plllleeeassse!"
"Enough of that! Let go missy!" Tim pinned Anna's tiny wrist to the small of her back and proceeded to rip his sobbing girls panties down to her thighs.
"We're just getting started!"
"WAHHHHHHHHEEEEEE" Anna kicked and sobbed as Tim laid in hard, stingers.
Anna's bottom was glowing a bright red as Tim laid in the last few spanks.
*SMACK SMACK SMACK*, he stopped and rested his hand on her scolding bottom. He tapped her cheeks a few times, signaling her to stand.
"Up, let's go, stand up."
Anna sniffled and delicately pushed herself up to stand in front of her man. Her big brown eyes, swollen red as tears streamed down her flushed cheeks. He so badly wanted to scoop her up and protect his delicate, wild girl from all harm. As much as it broke his heart, it needed to be done, she needed this. He slid the knotches on the chair to the highest level and pointed.
"Over, let's go, right now."
Anna gingerly laid over the chair and dug her hands into the soft, cool sand.
Tim unbuckled his belt and pulled it free from the loops, doubling it over and clutching it hard. He raised it high above his head and brought it down hard on Anna's seat.
"You are so precious to me Anna *WHACK WHACK WHACK* you have no idea how worried I was *WHACK WHACK WHACK*"
A string of welts rose across her thighs and her purpled cheeks,Anna lay limp, sobbing.
"You will NOT run off like that again, do you understand me!" Tim laid the last few strokes on hard.
Tim dropped the belt and peeled a sobbing Anna off from the chair, he pressed her head to his chest and kissed her hair as she wet his shirt with her tears.
"You are so lovely, yet so naughty, my dear Anna." Tim rubbed her back as she began to calm.
Tim took her face in his hands and kissed her forhead, wiping away the last of her tears and brushing the stray hair out of her lovely face.
"Anna, you are the most difficult, spoiled brat I've ever met." She looked away with a smirk. "BUT, you also a warm, kind, beautiful sweetheart, that I have come to love in every way possible."
He knealed down and fished in his coat pocket, pulling out a small,velvet box.
"Anna, let me be the man that loves you enough to put you over his knee for the rest of our lives"
"AHHHHHHHHHH!" Anna screamed as she saw the big, rock of a diamond ring and nodded furiously. "YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!!"
Tim slid the ring on her finger and scooped her up in a hug.
"Leave it to a brat to ruin a guys romantic proposal" He smirked and wisked her off her feet, pushing his lips to hers.

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