Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Anna's bottom is sorry for party Rocking!

"Anna, I'm home baby!" Tim dropped his keys on the kitchen table and loosend his tie. His jaw went rigid as he dropped his bag and made his way around the kitchen counter to be greeted by a weekends worth of crusted macaroni filled bowls and coffee stained mugs piled in the sink.Red Solo cups were stacked high on greasy pizza boxes.Empty beer bottles cluttered the stove and every space in between.
Potato chips, popcorn kernals and spilled soda swirled the floor.

Tim ran his fingers through his thick, rich hair and sighed as he rolled his sleeves up to his elbow.
"This is unbeliveable!" he turned and took the few steps to the living room, where, sure enough, he found his guilty girl, fast asleep on the couch. Her long, chestnut brown hair was stuck to her face as she snored peacfully. She wore a snug University of Illinois shirt and an even tighter pair of blue and orange striped panties to match her shirt.
Sundresses, tank tops, jean shorts and panties were all thrown about on the floor. Tim stumbled over a pair of ruby red pumps as he made his way to the couch.
"ANNA!" He gave her shoulder a hard nudge.
She wrinkled her nose and rubbed her eyes.
"Time to wake up princess! What the HELL is going on here!" Tim fixed his hands on his hips.
Anna groaned and rolled over to lay on her stomach as she plopped a pillow over her head.
"Five more minutessss".
He grabbed her arm and yanked her up, giving her ass a hard smack.
"Have you lost your DAMN mind girl!" his face was a light shade of pink as sweat beaded down from his forhead.
"OWA!" Anna yawned and rubbed her stinging bottom.
"SIT!" he pointed to the couch.
She delicately sat and brushed the hair out of her face.
"What is going on HERE! I leave for the weekend on a business trip and you throw a party and trash my apartment!"
"Well technically it wasn't a party, it was more like, um a hangout!" she smirked and let out a quick giggle,she looked at him as if that clearification would bring his anger down a few levels.
Tim grunted and shook his head.
"Stand up." he ordered calmly but firmly.
Anna slowly stood,Tim grabbed her wrist and spun her around, landing a dozen fast, stingers to her bottom.
"Ow Ow Owwwwaa!"
"I don't know why you are treating this like a joke, but the last thing you're going to be doing is laughing when we're finished here." he let her wrist go and pointed to the small corner by the shelf of DVDs.
"Go, I need time to cool off and you need time to adjust your nasty attitude."
She sighed and put her nose in the corner as Tim took his things into their room. He returned after fifteen minutes and stood by her side.
" I want you to get this place cleaned up while I take a shower and freshin' up, is that understood?"
"Yes sir".

Anna was putting the last cup in the dishwasher when Tim called her into the living room.
"Anna Marie, get in her, now."
She sighed and tip toed in, he motioned for her to sit on the couch next to him.
He took her hands in his.
"Anna, do you remember the agreement we made when you first moved in with me a year ago?"
"You were a freshmen, and we had been dating for about six months then, and you came to me and what did you ask me?"
"I asked to move in with you."
"That's right, you came to me and you said, you know, I don't really like living in a dorm, it's not my thing, not comfortable for me. So I said, I would love for you to come stay with me, my apartment is not too far from your college, as long as you promised to focus on your studies. So I said okay, and I made arrangments for work to stay in Chicago a little longer, because I was moving where?"
"California" Anna looked at the ground.
"That's right, I was suppose to be moving to Califorina for business, but I worked some things out where I could fly there on the weekends and work from home on weekdays, so you wouldn't have to transfer colleges.You have a month left of your sophomore year, I understand you're excited for summer, you're half way through college, going to be a junior next year, but we have rules. This isn't a party house, how am I suppose to trust you when you're calling up the whole football team and breaking out the vodka bottles the moment I step out the door!"
"I don't know, I guess I just wanted to have fun!"
"Anna that excuse is garbage, we've discussed this before, I let you have your fun, I understand that you are still very young, and that's fine, but when I make rules it isn't to squash your fun or be mean, it's to keep you safe and keep you on the right path, do you understand?"
"Yessir, I understand."
Tim planted a sloppy kiss on her forehead.
"Well let me tell you how much 'fun' you're going to have.In addition to the paddling you've fully earned, you are grounded until schools out. It's going to be class then straight home for the rest of the month, you will come with me on the weekends to California and study in the hotel. Sound like fun yet?"
"Nooo!" she squeaked the couch groaned as she sat back and pointed to the red whool blanket laying at her finacee's feet."Can I have that please".
Tim couldn't help but to let out a small chuckle, she was something else.
"No, no, no, this is not time to get comfortable, I tell you you have a paddling of a lifetime coming and you want to snuggle up in a blanket?"
"Well, I suppose that sounds a bit silly."
"You suppose huh? Hmm, well if you want to warm up, I suppose we should get started, I suppose. Go get it,Miss Animal house"
Anna returned with a thick wooden paddle, eight holes were drilled into it.She held it out for Tim to take.
Tim reached a hand out then stopped, snapped his eyes shut and pinched the bridge of his nose.
"Yes sir?"
"Why is my"
She bit her lip and twirled a piece of hair around her finger.
"I wanted to make it pretty? I painted it last weekend while you were away.......surprise!"
Tim shook his head and gripped the pink piece of wood.
"Is this a Hello Kitty sticker?" he looked at the handle, a fluffy, white, smiling kitty was staring back at him. "Good lord girl!" he set the fashionable paddle down on the coffee table to his right then motioned for her to lay over his lap.
She bit her lip, it was all coming down on her now, she was in deep shit.She started backing up towards the wall.
"Get over here Anna, you know you fully earned this. Back in my day when we had a party, we atleast tried to clean up the mess before the parents got home."
"Back in your day it took 3 months 2 weeks and 1 day on horseback to get to Chicago from California!"
Tim looked at Anna with an expressionless face, his icey blue eyes burning a hole into her heart.
"Get over here, NOW, I'm not going to tell you again, if I have to go over there and get you--"
before he could finish she turned and ran into their room, jumping on the bed and burying herself in the blankets.
Tim huffed and bolted through the door way, without a word he plucked the covers off of his naughty wife-to-be, tucked her under his arm and carried her back to the living room, swatting her ass the whole way there.
"Ow OW owwwww!!"
He sat back on his chair and fixed her over his lap, he immediately brought his hand down on her panty covered bottom, making it bounce back.
She clawed the carpet beneath her and wailed.
"Ahheeee owwchh!"
"You throw a party without my permisson.. *SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK* trash our home *SMACK SMACK SMACK* give me attitude and disrespect *SMACK SMACK SMACK then run away from me! *SMACK SMACK SMACK*
"I can't BELIEVE this!" SMACKx15
Tim kept a steady pace, turning Anna's tight cheeks from light pink to deep red.
He stopped and rubbed her scolding bottom for a moment as she muffled the last of her whimpers.
"You really let me down Anna, I trusted you to behave for the three days I was gone, and you couldn't even do that. You are going to get a spanking you will never forget and I don't ever want to punish you for this reason ever again, do you understand me?"
Anna sniffled and clutched Tim's thigh.
"I understand, Yessir."
Tim grabbed the paddle and held it tight, he rubbed it against his girls warm ass, making her whimper louder and dig her nails into his meaty thighs.
Anna sobbed against his leg.
"Start counting these out, One-I'm sorry, stop at thirty."
She nodded lightly.
"Owww! Yessir!"
"Alright let's go..."
"AHH oneee I'm sorreee".
"WAH! twoo.......I'm soreeee."
"AHEEE!.........three.....I'm... soreeeeeeaa."
"FOURRR I'm sorrry."
      **24 licks later**
Anna sobbed loud and lay limp over Tim's lap.

Tim set the paddle back in its place and rubbed a crying Anna's back softly.
"I expect you to behave when you are alone, as if I were here with you, is that clear? I want you to stand up now, let's go..."
She sniffled and wiped her watery eyes, then shot her hands back to sooth her punished bottom.
"No, no."He took her arms and put them in front of her, "We are not done yet."
He unbuckled his belt and pulled them free from the loops.
"Over the couch arm."
New tears started falling from her flushed cheeks as she looked up at Tim and started to touch his arm softly, begging for mercy.
Tim brushed her hands away and took them in his, spun her around and *SWAT SWAT SWAT*.
"What is with you today huh! Why are you giving me such a hard time! GO!"
Anna sobbed and lurked over to the couch arm, delicately draping herself over.
Tim ran his hands down Anna's deeply shaded backside, her sit spots and thighs already starting to bruise.
"I'm giving you 20 with the belt, if you move around and get out of position then I'm starting over do you understand me?"
She sniffed hard and choked out a "Yessir".
He pushed down on the small of her back and swung his arm back.
"AHEEE!!!" Anna kicked and sobbed into the pillow.
Ugly welts began to bubble on her thighs and cheeks.
Tim dropped the belt and immediately took Anna into his arms as she choked on her sobs.
"Shhhhhhh, it's alright honey." Tim rubbed her back in slow circles.
She clung to his chest and wrapped her arms around his neck.
He kissed the top of her hair and stroked her cheek softly.
"I love you very much, no more surprise parties, are we clear?"
Anna nodded slowly and sniffed.
"Alright, why don't you go get the cream. I'll order some chinese and we can chill out and watch a movie ok?"
She nodded again and looked up at Tim with big brown eyes.
He smirked in return and kissed her plump, trembling lips.
Tim fished in his pant pocket for his Iphone and was surprised when it started to ring.
"Hello?--Yes this is.--No, my credit card hasn't been stolen--A $567 dollar charge!?"
He held the phone away from his face as he turned an angry red.
She stood in the doorway, her eyes wide, her mouth twisted into a nervous smirk.
Tim held his face in his hands.
"You are going to be the death of me girl!"

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